Fraction CTO

From coaching and strategy development, to staffing models and developing an enterprise architecture program. My goal is to help your company succeed as your experienced Fractional CTO.

The following are examples of activities I can perform as a Fractional CTO.
Some services I can provide on an as-needed contract basis. Please contact me with questions or for quotes.

Software Engineering Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching and mentoring for software engineering Leader

Sometimes we all can use a little help. No shame in that. Many software engineering leaders lack the training and exposure to what good leadership looks like. Using my many years of leadership, I coach and mentor leaders to help them improve their leadership skills, but also to mature their organizations and make tough decisions.

What does this look like? One-on-one recurring sessions to coach and mentor. In these one-on-one sessions, we discuss processes, goals, approaches, and plans. These coaching sessions will give the knowledge, skill and courage for the client to implement change.

In rare pre-authorized occurrences, I may do some research or work to support the client outside of one-on-one sessions. For example, helping define a practice or identifying resources.

a happy client getting leadership coaching
a happy client getting leadership coaching

Initial conversation and scoping call is always free!

Review of software engineering methodologies, frameworks, practices, and metrics

Can we do better?

Do you question your current development methodologies or frameworks? Do you feel that perhaps Agile or Scrum is not working for you? Is it clear you are consistently meeting your goals with quality code? Does the business feel your team meets their needs? Does your team feel there are too many fires? Do you have the metrics to support this?

If any of those questions resonate, perhaps I can help by doing an impartial review of your methodologies, frameworks, practices, and metrics. Including how your teams works, and how well that supports the needs of the business.

What does this look like? One-on-one meetings and/or interviews with key stakeholders, leaders, and the engineering team, along with a review of current processes. From this work, I would develop and provide a report of all the findings.

Often this report will lead to further activities such as development of maturation plans, policies and guidance.

No two organizations are the same, thus the scope of this effort and the deliverables get negotiated in advanced.

desk with monitor saying do more
desk with monitor saying do more

Initial conversation and scoping call is always free!

Engineering structure and hiring plans

What should the engineering department look like?

What should your engineering department look like today and next year?

Do you question if you need one team or two? A manager or a director, or maybe both? Do you feel you well positioned your team today for where you want to go tomorrow?

I can help with that. I can help define an organizational structure that can grow with defined goals to help better position your team for tomorrow.

You need talent, but don’t know what to look for? I can also help in this area. I can help define roles and position description to help recruit a qualified and diverse staff.

As a no additional cost bonus, I can help promote a single role using my extensive network on LinkedIn.

What does this look like? One-on-one meetings with leader and addition outside of meeting work on deliverables.

Woman taking notes at a conference
Woman taking notes at a conference

Initial conversation and scoping call is always free!

Standing up an Enterprise Architecture Program

Need expertise in setting up an Enterprise Architecture program?

Has your company matured to the point that you need an Enterprise Architecture team but your current CTO lacks the experience in standing one up?

Do you want to draw on the experience of someone who has been there and done that more than one time? Perhaps you want someone who has not only stood up a TOGAF based Enterprise Architecture program, but used the TOGAF framework themselves.

I can use my expertise to design and stand up a first-class TOGAF based Enterprise Architecture program.

What does this look like? This varies greatly by organization and how well the EA program has buyoff with the executive team. Generally, it will include assessing the capabilities of the business. Hiring architects. Customizing the TOGAF framework. Standing up repositories. Defining governance structures and teams. Training individuals and change management activities.

TOGAG AMD in a hand
TOGAG AMD in a hand

Initial conversation and scoping call is always free!

Part-Time full-service CTO

Does your start-up or small company only need CTO leadership, but not full-time?

I can help!

My contracts services are negotiable and we can scope them for as much or as little as you need. Your company takes on less risk and less cost (salary, benefits, taxes, devices) by contracting fractional CTO services.

Fractional CTO Image with work life balance
Fractional CTO Image with work life balance

Initial conversation and scoping call is always free!

Or any other Frational CTO type of service

The above is just a sample of types of service. Actual services provided are negotiated and agreed upon in a contract per client. Services can include things like people management, vendor management and more.

Non-refundable pre-booked hours or retainer based agreements will receive a 5% discount for the hours prepaid